We are excited to announce the launch of Lien Version 2. In the previous article, we talked about the release of the Lien Option Pool available on Lien V2. Today, we will discuss how you can actually get to use the feature following the launch of this new protocol.

It has been a long road until we reached this point — since last September , we have changed some features that were difficult to implement given the overall architecture of Lien V1, and made improvements on liquidity management which we determined were necessary after several months of managing liquidity on…

Lien Protocol will be releasing the Lien Option Pool on 19th of April.

Since the incident in September 2020, the ability to provide liquidity to the protocol was closed off to general users until we were certain that the issues had been addressed.

During that time, the Lien team was the sole provider of liquidity to the platform. With the release of the Lien Option Pool, anyone will be able to provide liquidity.

Users can start providing liquidity from UTC 12am on April 19th, and the trading will be available from UTC 4pm on April 23rd. …

There are many options protocols in the DeFi space now. As DeFi traders, it is important to understand the differences so that you can use the right option protocol for your needs.

Below is a table comparing the major option protocols. All of them are different in terms of expiration types, settlement, underlying assets, collateral requirements, fungibility, etc. We will dive into what these terms mean and how it might affect your option trading strategy.

American v European Option

For options there are 2 ways to exercise an option.

An American type option allows users to exercise the option before the expiration date.


Lien Token Buyback Announcement

Lien Protocol will be buying back Lien Tokens using fees that the Devs have received from the Lien Protocol through its token holdings. There will also be an adjustment to the overall token distribution.

The Size of the LIEN Buyback

Lien Protocol has received 155.755 ETH (currently $260,000) as fees since its inception which has been distributed to LIEN holders.

The Devs currently own close to 50% of the existing LIEN tokens, resulting in 77.8775 ETH being paid out to the Devs.

After considering multiple factors including, but not limited to, growth of the DeFi space, positioning of Lien within that environment…


  • Liquidity Provider Incentive Program on PancakeSwap (the #1 Automated Market Maker on Binance Smart Chain) has started
  • Provide liquidity for the LIEN/BNB pair and earn CAKE
  • Stake CAKE tokens in Syrup Pool to earn LIEN
  • LIEN tokens on Ethereum (ERC20) can be exchanged with bLIEN (BEP20), and vice-versa, using xDai Bridge

As part of our continuing effort to make the Lien option platform available to a wider crypto user base, we recently released Lien protocol on the Binance Smart Chain giving Binanceans the ability to purchase Call Options and Butterfly Options on their favorite token, BNB!

LIEN tokens (BEP-20)…

Lien is expanding its integration with industry-leading decentralized oracle network Chainlink. The expansion involves Lien now leveraging a Chainlink BNB/USD Price Feed directly on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet to support our crypto-native option protocol. This Chainlink-powered decentralized price oracle provides Lien with highly accurate, reliable, and secure price data used to facilitate options trades, calculate volatility, and price contracts upon maturity, starting with call and put options on BNB and exotic products such as the butterfly option.

This announcement comes as part of our ongoing use of Chainlink Price Feeds, which support our ETH options market, currently running…

tl:dr; The audit over the new Volatility Oracle was successfully completed and the contract has been deployed to mainnet.

The new Volatility Oracle is already being used to facilitate trading of options on the Lien platform. This is an extremely important component and a major leap in improving option pricing on decentralized protocols. The audit report can be reviewed here.

What is the Volatility Oracle and how was it improved

The original Volatility Oracle calculated volatility based on the latest 24 data points from the Chainlink price feed.

Technically, implied volatility is calculated based on option prices in the market and not from historical prices of the underlying. Unfortunately, there…

Lien will be creating a Crypto-Naitive Option Protocol using Binance Smart Chain.

Lien will launch “Lien on BSC”, an Option Protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

About Lien on BSC

Lien on BSC brings the Crypto-Naitive Option Protocol battle tested on Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

The full functionality of Lien Protocol on Ethereum will be rolled out on Binance Smart Chain, starting with Call and Put Options on BNB and Exotic Options such as the Butterfly Option.


Our goal from day one has been to create a truly decentralized stablecoin and option protocol that is unstoppable and censorship resistant.

As a first step in…

Lien will be releasing an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) Prototype on the Zinc testnet.

Zinc is one version of zkRollup

Using this L2 Prototype, users will be able to slice (tranche) ETH into LBT and SBT at the maturity and strike price of their choice as well as send, receive, buy, trade and settle LBT/SBT.

For those of you that want to test it out, we will be releasing a “How To” manual soon.

In the upcoming months, we will be working to bring the full Lien product offering to Ethereum Layer2.

This means blazing fast transaction speeds and near…

Lien Protocol

A governance-less protocol for creating Options & Stablecoins from ETH. https://lien.finance

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